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Skills in Last Epoch are one of, if not the, most defining aspect of your character and your adventures through Eterra. Calling upon your loyal animal companions is what makes you a Beast Master. Watching your enemies wither away as their essence is twisted and maimed by your hexes is what makes you a Warlock. Calling down a flaming meteor from the skies and watching it shatter into burning globes of magma is what makes you a Sorcerer. Ensuring that our skills are impressive, iconic to the class they belong to, and customizable in satisfying ways is a key part of Last Epoch.

Skill Bar

Your skill bar, more than anything else, is what determines the playstyle of your character. Unlike many games where you may use as many skills at a time as you have buttons for we have elected to restrict players to having a maximum of five skills on their bar at any one time. While this may sound limiting, in practice this will result in a more engaging experience. When a Sorcerer chooses to place Meteor on their bar, this is a build defining decision that separates them from many other Sorcerers playing Last Epoch who have chosen different skills.

Are you a Meteor Sorcerer that uses a combination of walls of ice and black holes to ward off foes? Or are you a Glacier Sorcerer who stuns their enemies with lightning so they may unleash frozen destruction up close? These decisions are what separates even characters of the same class from each other, this depth enhanced even further by our Skill Specialization system.

Skill Trees

The five skills you choose to place on your skill bar are special not only by virtue of being your skills of choice, they are also the skills that will have access to our Skill Trees. Over the course of the game, your five skill slots will one by one gain the ability to augment the skills slotted into them by giving you access to the skill’s tree, unlocking a vast amount of customization potential. Every skill in Last Epoch will have its own fleshed out skill tree full of exciting ways to augment the skill for your playstyle, even offering unique branches only available to certain Mastery Classes!

Mock-up Image

Will your Meteor Sorceror call down a singular flaming star from the heavens to shatter upon your enemies? Or will you summon a swarm of meteors that crash your foes with their power no matter how they flee? With the Skill Tree system, your Meteors may fit multiple different playstyles.

Passive Grid

The active skills you choose and their customization through their Skill Trees are not the only way to make your character your own. With the Passive Grid system, you will be able to increase your character’s attributes and acquire special augments to your character that persists no matter what skills you choose. The Passive Grid of each class will have 4 lines on a grid, each line granting different stat increases such as increased health or increases to certain damage types, in addition to these stat lines there will be augments with more impactful effects spread throughout the grid beyond these lines.

Mock-up Image

Each class will begin at the center of their Passive Grid, as you play you will gain the ability to advance along any of the 4 lines increasing your stats in your preferred manner. The true depth of the Passive Grid system is revealed once you elect to advance in multiple lines, doing so creates a shape that connects the furthest points you have achieved along the stat lines, unlocking the various passive augments spread throughout the grid!


The Passive Grid system allows for even characters of similar builds from a skill sense to have the opportunity to feel unique and tailored to your own playstyle. A Void Knight using a build centered on ensnaring their enemies in darkness and pulling them to meet her blade with the Void Grasp and Anomaly skills will cut her foes down quickly but have to be wary of being overwhelmed if they built their Passive Grid for an offensive playstyle. Compare to a Void Knight of the same build who has built their Passive Grid for a defensive playstyle who may take longer to finish battles, but can wade into swaths of enemies confident in the strength of her armor.

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