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The Road To Kickstarter

The Road to Kickstarter

It’s been a crazy three months. Truly.

Seeking out people who have a huge passion for this style of game, are incredibly talented, AND are willing to put their all into creating Last Epoch without monetary backing seems like an impossible feat. Well, I’ll tell you it’s not easy… but now I can also tell you it’s not impossible. We have an amazing group of designers, developers, and creatives putting 110% into developing this game who are all becoming very good friends. The fact that we’re all very passionate about the same things helps a ton, and constantly chatting on discord and sharing updates and creations is nothing short of thrilling for all of us. When an illustrator posts a fantastic new piece of concept art, or a dev shows off a new skill working inside the game, the chat just floods with excitement. We’ve even had a group meet-up in Seattle recently where a lot of us met for the first time, and another happening in Las Vegas this weekend.

Now that we have our people working together well, a lot of systems planned out, roles more defined, and the wheels turning, the focus is largely shifting to the content we want to create to get gamers as hyped for this game as we are. It’s exciting to think of sharing what we’ve already created and to think of the progress that will be made in the upcoming months before we launch our Kickstarter campaign – the discussions are already flowing internally of what systems we should showcase, what classes to flesh out further before hand, how long to make the video, who’s got a good enough speaking voice to narrate, and – the most fun – planning what we can reward our backers with at each tier of commitment.

So far, we are planning to showcase our combat, item system, and talent/skill system along with a good look into the story of Last Epoch (Hope you guys like time travel!). We have also developed a very lengthy Last Epoch FAQ that should answer almost any questions one may have about the game. We’re planning to feature the Beast Master and Sorcerer classes in the playable demo and Kickstarter video since they, together, cover a wide spectrum of gameplay – including casting powerful spells, companion AI, and melee combat. Our level designers are hard at work, creating varied environments that we’ll have in the world of Eterra to play through in the demo.

We have now chosen a name for our studio and are in the process of legal formalities – we will be called “Eleventh Hour Entertainment” which has been determined after 17 members of the team used a bracket system to pick a winner. Runners up were “Last Refuge Games” and “Clock Out Media”. Choosing names is always a challenge but the team is very excited about the outcome. Now we need to think of ANOTHER logo, hah!

I plan to start posting more as we continue down the road to Kickstarter and hopefully will begin to build up a community to share and discuss our ideas and progress with. If you have any #protips for nailing a Kickstarter campaign, please let our team know in the comments below. If you’re reading this and would like to learn more about Last Epoch, please visit the forums and join the discussion!

Thank you,

Game Director – Last Epoch | Eleventh Hour Entertainment

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