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We are unrelenting in our commitment to make Last Epoch a game that we and others will continue to love and play many years to come.

Judd (Mox)

Game Director

Grew up playing games and hunting epic loot. Wants to create and share this experience with the world.

Kyle KQ

Narrative Director

DM me for my chocolate hazelnut cake recipe and words about dragons.

Rob (Leroy)

Composer & Public Relations

My neighbors listen to some excellent music. Whether they like it or not.


Lead Developer

Swords take up less space than chestplates because you can fold them


Lead 2D Artist

Every minute I spend making UI is a minute I’m not drawing monsters, and this breaks my heart.


Lead Systems Designer

Strike the scales of game balance with a hammer, and watch the pieces fly.


Core Developer

Adventurer, cylon, planeswalker and bad hockey player.


Creative Director

Reality isn’t good enough, I’ll do better.


3D Modeler & Designer

Still gotta get good at the 4th dimension.


3D Artist


Lead Communications

Renegade from the worlds of IT, web design, digital, entrepreneurship, and beyond.


Developer & Environment Design

When the world feels pretty, I feel pretty too.

Hacka Kyle

Lead QA

One man’s bug is another man’s feature.


Community Manager

What would I do if time travel was real? Go to the past and have Tuesday be AFTER Monday.


3d Animation

Trying to animate the world


3D Animation

Posing is the process, motion is the result

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