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This Race Has Finished.

  • First Place: UrGuyJC- 1 hour 2 minutes
  • Second Place: SlightRedEye – 1 hour 27
  • minutes Third Place: RaizQT – 1 hour 42 minutes


Hi everyone!

Welcome to Last Epoch’s very first streamer racing event! Below is some need-to-know information. We hope you enjoy the race!  


You will need to have this updated race client which includes a few special additions (timer, no access to devmode, only veteran difficulty, etc)

download race client here:

When: Wed May 2nd at 13:00 CST / 18:00 UTC

Race Type: SSF (Solo Self-Found – no starting with pre-gained gear or levels) – First/second/third to Character level 50 in Hardcore on Veteran Difficulty

Where: Twitch – to be eligible to win prizes you must stream the event, AND submit a Twitch VOD.



Twitch Help


Enabling VODs –

Streaming software –


There are lots of quality Youtube videos and other articles that will help you set up your stream.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide support with getting your stream running. If you are having specific problems, you are welcome to request help in the discord. One of our resident streamers might be able to give you some pointers.


No cheating.

A fresh character must be made for the race, the client will help with that. You will not have access to gear you’ve acquired from other playthroughs.



1st place winner – $250 Lagon Supporter Pack – Design a Unique Item with the dev team- and design an in-game footprint MTX with our art team.

2nd place winner – $150 Heorot Supporter Pack

3rd place winner – $100 Voidwalker Supporter Pack

Note – none of these are cash prizes and will be divvied out along with Kickstarter regulations and timelines.

Pro Tips

Build Guides
00Critical has a fantastic youtube playlist filled with build guides, check them out if you’re new.



Some people have asked if you can just pick a zone outside of the arena to level.  This will likely be less effective as the arena is the only zone that scales with your level.  Master the arena and you master the race.



Understand the way our items/crafting works.  Plan out your build ahead of time so you know what to look for and what to craft for.  You’ll need the right balance of defense/offense to survive until level 50 in the arena.  Below is a link to our affix table.

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