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In Last Epoch you will discover equipment and items that you can use to enhance your character with more powerful stats. Nearly every piece of equipment you will see will be different when one drops the base item is randomized along with the number of stat modifiers, the type of stats that are modified, even the exact quality of each individual stat on the item. Between this level of item randomization and our gameplay changing Unique and Set items, there are untold ways to use equipment to customize your experience.

Last Epoch Items

Basic Equipment

Each piece of equipment has a basic quality to it. Obsidian Plate will withstand more punishment than Scholar Robes, a Steel Spear will have a further range than a Steel Battleaxe, a Titan Greatsword will strike harder than an Iron Greatsword. The basic quality of an item forms the foundation upon which more powerful equipment is built.

Magic Equipment

When a piece of equipment drops there is a fair chance that it will be a Magic Item and have somewhere between 1 to 4 stat modifiers represented as prefixes and suffixes in the item’s name. You can expect a Viper Belt of the Devourer to deal poison damage while also draining your enemy’s life to add to your own!

Items can also have implicit modifiers.

Unique Items Last Epoch

Unique Equipment

In addition to the randomly generated Magic Equipment, there will also be powerful unique items that will potentially provide a higher degree of stats and unique alterations to skills, abilities, and the way you play. Wield the fearsome Stormbreaker and command the wrath of lightning!

Set Equipment

A special kind of unique equipment is the coveted Set Items that become more powerful when equipped their brethren. If you are lucky enough to acquire all items of the same set you may reap significant increases in power. Unite the twin rings Reprise of Light and Reprise of Darkness to gain the boon of Harmony and feel your life and mana course with power!

Set Items Last Epoch


On your journey, you will find special items called Shattering Stones, these items will enable you to customize your gear in a nearly infinite amount of ways.  When you take a Shattering Stone to certain NPCs, you can use it to break down pieces of Magic quality equipment, turning a random assortment of the stat modifiers into items that represent these stats called shards. You may then take these shards and use them to add these stats to another piece of gear increasing its power! Beware though, the more you add shards to an item the higher chance you have of causing it to crack, rendering it unable to take any more shards.

Eternity Cache System

Hidden throughout the world are Eternity Caches, special containers with the unique quality of being immune to the changes of time around them. By placing an item within an Eternity Cache along with certain rare materials too potent for mundane crafting, a player may return to the same cache hundreds or even thousands of years later to retrieve the resulting synthesis. This is no easy task,  for the Eternity Caches lie in places dark and forgotten, places exalted and under the watch of fierce guardians, or worse of all may have attracted the attention by foes eager to snatch the treasure you’ve locked away for themselves.


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