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Last Epoch is indie ARPG featuring interesting loot, massive amounts of end-game content, deep and meaningful options for customizing how your character plays, and our signature time-travel system.

Primarily our Skill Specialisation trees and class-specific Passive Grids. Our approach is to offer people depth and complexity, but to separate these over multiple systems to maximize the signal (actual, meaningful choices) and minimize the noise (e.g. no + Minion Damage nodes for a class which has no minions).

We also offer strong class identity – if you are playing as a Necromancer, you should look and feel like one.

Through time-travel you will learn about the past, present, and future of our high-fantasy world.

Alpha access is included in packs costing $50 or more (buy one here!).

The pre-alpha demos are freely available, but not representative of the game’s current quality. To access them, join us on Discord and go to the #downloadable-demos channel.

At release Last Epoch will cost $15. Prior to release it’s available for $10.

A real money store will sell purely cosmetic microtransactions, which we will use to fund Last Epoch’s post-launch support. Our plan is to be working on Last Epoch for years; we will be adding new mechanics, new features, and other forms of new content to have the game remain fresh for existing players, tempt potential new players to buy the game, and encourage former players to return.

This will be decided close to release based on what is feasible with our budget.

Our guiding philosophy for difficulty in Last Epoch is: easy to learn, hard to master.

New players will feel that they can ease into the game while veterans will have plenty of challenging content waiting for them – some challenges only reachable by the very most dedicated players.


Players can reach up to level 100.

Yes! In fact, we implemented this in Patch 0.4.9 during our pre-alpha phase.

This was before we took the game to KickStarter!


They’ll never be mandatory, but the completionists among you will have a variety of achievements to strive for. Some will be unlocked simply by playing through the story while others will be designed to give you more of a challenge. Sure, it’ll be easy to get some – but can you get them all?

We plan to include multiple game modes for high-level characters.

Monolith of Fate: Procedurally generated content that’s high risk, and high reward.

Gates of Memorium: Return to your favourite content; now much more challenging than you remember.

Epoch’s Call: Heed the call and go where you are needed! The victorious will be rewarded. The dead will be forgotten.

You may also be interested in PvP.


10 protection increases your effective health by 10 against the relevant damage type.

If you have 100 health and 100 protection, you take 50% damage. If you have 150 health and 50 protection, you take 75% of the damage.
damage mitigation = protection / (maximum health + protection)

Bleed – Deals physical damage over time, an enemy can have multiple bleeds at once.

Blind – Reduces crit chance by 50% and causes enemies to aim eratically, often missing you if they’re attacking from a distance.

Chill – Reduces movement speed, cast speed, and attack speed by 25%. Does not stack.

Ignite – Deals fire damage over time, an enemy can have multiple ignites at once.

Poison – Deals poison damage over time and increases damage taken from poison. The more poisons you have on an enemy, the more effective poison is.

Shock – Reduces tenacity and elemental protection by 100. Tenacity and elemental protection act as effective health against stuns and elemental damage, respectively. When negative they increase stun chance and elemental damage taken. Shock does not stack.

Slow – Reduces movement speed by 45%.

Time rot – Deals void damage over time, reduces attack and cast speed by 15% and increases stun duration by 25%. Does not stack.

Temporary health that is generated by items or effects. It has no limit, but drops off rapidly (10% per second). It can only be generated by doing an action, but you don’t have to be the one doing the action, for example a Paladin’s buff ring can give you ward, but you never just “have” ward.


You can create an Acolyte, Knight, Mage, Primalist, or Rogue. Each of these base classes can choose between three mastery classes. For example, the Acolyte can become either a Necromancer, a Lich, or a Warlock.

For more information, including an overview of all 15 mastery classes, please see our classes page.

Yes, that is the current plan. We recognize that players often enjoy customizing their character’s visual appearance, however as an indie team we need to be discerning about how we spend our budget. Our team are veterans of APRGs such as Path of Exile, and we know from experience that once a character is fully-geared or covered in MTX, the underlying character’s hair colour or nose shape would make little difference.

Extensive character customisation options would take time, effort, and money to implement and those are likely to be skipped entirely by some players, and receive a minute or two’s attention per several hundred hours of playtime from others. We try to be open to feedback, but we also believe in being honest in response.

Yes! The Druid will have skills that allow them to shapeshift into a variety of forms.

Skills gain experience as you do, and also a gain a chunk of experience when you level up.

Currently you can get up to 20 points to spend in each tree. This is not likely to change. The number of options in each tree may grow over time as we have more ideas, along with more time to implement them.

Mike has posted a developer blog about this system.

Please keep in mind that some things will change over time due to feedback and testing.


White = common = no affixes
Orange = unique item

For other items, the name colour is blue if it has 1 affix, and gradually turns green the more affixes the item has.

Beginning with 0.4.10 there’s a setting in the in-game options menu to have dots representing the number of suffixes on an item. The dots representing prefixes will be in front of the item’s name, and those representing suffixes will be appended to the end of the name.

Yes, Last Epoch will feature a deep, deterministic crafting system.

We have a developer blog about this subject if you’d like to read more about it.

We’ve written a developer blog about this to answer the question in detail.


Never. At Eleventh Hour Games we believe the most important part of an RPG is overcoming challenges. We want players to feel accomplished when they complete their goals, and we want other players to know that when they see another player do something impressive, they did it using skill – not their wallet.

Examples of MTX we plan to sell include;

  • Armor / weapon skins
  • Non-combat pets
  • Alternate visual skill effects


No; while it’s a valid way for Free To Play games to make money, Last Epoch isn’t one – it wouldn’t be fair to our players if we advertised the game at a certain price point only to have hidden costs buried in the game.

Yes – absolutely! We even offered a free pre-alpha demo prior to our KickStarter.

It was important to us that, before asking for your money, you got to see that we weren’t just ‘ideas people’ – we were willing to sit down and put the work in.

Going forward, our belief that you should know what you’re getting before you decide whether to spend your money will remain unchanged. A demo allows you to see how well the game runs on your computer, whether you enjoy the game’s mechanics, and for simple peace of mind when buying – if you choose to do so.


Patch 0.4.11 was our final pre-alpha release.

We have since transitioned to alpha development and are working towards completing the game.

Beta? Alpha? Pre-alpha?! Omega? Okay, I made that last one up.

Mike posted a developer blog about the various stages of development.

This is an interesting question, and one that we’re sure people will have strong opinions about.

Ultimately, we feel that there are advantages and disadvantages to either system. We plan to manually create each zone used in the leveling experience so that the story is consistent and players can see how the world has changed throughout history. Much of the endgame content will rely on randomisation.

Definitely! We plan to call them Cycles. As with most things, the name is subject to change.

We think this is an excellent way of maintaining interest in a game, and along with other content releases we plan to regularly release Cycles. We’re aware that both Diablo III’s Seasons and Path of Exile’s Challenge Leagues are usually three months. We haven’t decided on a duration just yet, but it’ll probably be close to that.

Our first alpha release was on the 21st of August.

The first beta client will be available in March 2019.


Our plan is to make information available to players wherever they happen to be.

Currently we regularly post announcements on;

In many ways! We’re deeply grateful to everyone who has told their friends about Last Epoch, given us feedback on the game, or reported bugs so that we could fix them. The game wouldn’t be what it is without you.

Our most generous KickStarter backers were given the option to design custom NPCs, design bosses, design non-combat pets, design in-game unique items, be immortalized in-game with tombstones and zombies named after them (with the option to submit audio for them) and got access to the developers’ private Discord server.

Our first ever Ask Me Anything was held by our Game Director, Judd Cobler, on the 12th of May, 2018.

You can find it here if you’d like to check it out!


Of course! Enter the Time-Lost Colosseum and battle other travelers lost in the infinite pathways of time. Earn cosmetic rewards that flaunt your skill in battle and grow your Pile of Skulls!

  • Duels
  • 2v2, 3v3, 5v5
  • Free For All

Absolutely! We’d certainly like to add more modes over time.

Path of Exile did a Battle Royale mode of up to 100 players per round. It was crazy fun and hugely popular, but developer Grinding Gear Games said that the server costs were approximately $10,000 per day. That’s a pretty sobering thought. Especially if it might be seen as us just copying what somebody else did.

Another idea we’ve discussed is asymmetrical PvP modes where one player controls a boss and fights a group of other players – similar to Evolve. This would mean a lot of work and we’re not sure how finely we’d be able to balance something like this. Additional PvP modes are something we’d love to get community suggestions on. If something is fun (and technically feasible) we might implement it!


Last Epoch will support Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

For Windows it’ll be Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

On Linux we’re probably going to target Ubuntu 16.04 and newer.

With MacOS, expect official support to be 10.12 and newer.

A supported Operating System (see above).

Intel Core i5 2500, AMD FX-8350, or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
8GB of RAM
nVidia GTX 660 Ti or AMD R7 370

Currently we only release 64-bit builds.

We’re not actively planning on changing this, but we’re open to feedback.

This will be the first stretch goal of our KickStarter. We really want to have controller support, however it does mean extra work to ensure that skills are usable and feel good regardless of input method.

This is something we’ve spoken a great deal with, both internally and with the community.

We recognise that many people expect loot filters and we don’t want to disappoint them. That said, we’re not entirely sure how our loot filters will be designed just yet. Let’s talk about two different forms of loot filters found in other ARPGs, their strengths, and thoughts about their suitability for us.

Grim Dawn has item rarity-based loot filters built right into the game client. This has the advantages of being very easy to understand, and being something which everyone has access to in a convenient location. However, our crafting system is designed in such a way that items of a lower rarity are still desirable.

Path of Exile has extensive customisation here – as the game does in most areas. This allows people the ability to decide for themselves both what they want hidden, and how they want everything else to look. It comes with the drawback of perhaps going slightly too far – few players bother to design their own loot filters, and we’d be uncomfortable with encouraging people to download something from an external resource. A loot filter would just be a text file – but we think it’s a bad precedent to set.


Last Epoch will allow you to create both online-only characters and offline-only characters.

Five players can party together throughout the campaign and most major PvE content. We think this is a good number that balances our desire to see friends being able to group up together with the difficulty of keeping content challenging and engaging. We don’t want people grouping up just because it trivializes content.

You’ll see more players in towns and outposts, as well as some game modes.

We like the idea. We recognise that it has the potential to be played by both people who prefer being offline all of the time, and also by people who prefer playing online but are temporarily unable to do so.

Currently it’s not something we’ve committed to implementing, but we think it could be very popular. Please let us know on our forum if you’d like us to do this, or have an argument against the idea.

Please note: If we do this, it’ll be ‘once offline, always offline’. You wouldn’t be transferring the character and losing the ability to play it online, but neither would you be able to take the offline version to our servers.


There’s approximately two dozen of us.

If you’d like to know a bit about the team, check out the Meet The Team page on our website.

Our KickStarter began in April 2018 – one year after development originally began.

Last Epoch draws inspiration from a wide range of titles including genre giants (Diablo, Path of Exile), indie dev success stories (Grim Dawn, Path of Exile again), and classics (Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy series).


People calling our game ‘epic’ is also acceptable!

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