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Monolith of Fate

Travel through worlds that never were and times that could have been by exploring the Monolith of Fate. The Monolith has been obscured by the Void and it is up to you to rediscover all the possibilities of history and construct new timelines!

A quick example: You start off with a single timeline zone, accessible via the Monolith, which lets you play through a new questline in the Ancient Era. Perhaps this questline has you participating in the war between northern God Heorot and the rebellious tribes that follow his corrupted son. The normal series events would be that Heorot prevails and rules kindly over the humans of the north, this version of the Divine Era is what you witnessed in the main story’s timeline, and you could, of course, let this transpire and have that timeline on the Monolith. OR you could betray Heorot and side with his son and the rebel barbarians. This makes a new branch on the Monolith, an alternate timeline, and subsequently a new timeline zone and questline to visit.

When you finish this questline and make this choice, you’ve now unlocked an alternate timeline zone for the Divine Era. In this alternate timeline, instead of Heorot peacefully ruling the humans of the north it is now ruled by his vicious son and hordes of his centaurs and satyrs are sweeping through the world. This new questline in this new alternate timeline would offer even more choices that result in even more alternate timelines.

Gates of Memorium

Travel back to the world of Eterra that you knew, even as its dangers rise to meet your newfound strength. Though the Gates of Memorium bring the recollection of your adventure to life, no memory is perfect, your memory and thus the version of Eterra you find yourself may become fearsome in ways you do not expect. (explore the pre-endgame world again but scaled to your level with the possibility of augmenting areas of the world to add new challenges)

Epoch’s Call

As you adventure through the different times of Eterra, the Epoch will guide you to sources of aberration in the timeline. Creatures that belong to another Era, places that should not exist, even other time travelers with goals less noble than yours.  Correcting them will result in valuable rewards that will make you eager to hunt these anomalies down. Even as you explore the Monolith of Fate and traverse the Gates of Memorium the Epoch will still beg you to heed its call!

Time-Lost Colosseum

Enter the Time-Lost Colosseum and battle other travelers lost in the infinite pathways of time. Engage in duels, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5,  and free for all combat as you vie for dominance in an arena discarded and forgotten by reality, the perfect battleground for warriors with nothing to lose. Earn cosmetic rewards that flaunt your skill in battle and grow your Pile of Skulls!

Lost Memories

In Last Epoch, you will see and engage with countless stories, from world-shattering champions to lowly orphans, each of these stories leaves its mark in the form of Lost Memories. You will find these Lost Memories in places that are important to the story of these individuals and assemble them to gain unique benefits.

To illustrate this, let’s look at the Lost Memories that tell the story of Leonus Wyvernbane. You first learn of Leonus from battling the Legionaries of Rahyeh, one happens to drop a Sunspear of particular significance. This is a Lost Memory. This Memory will guide you to hunt the wyverns of the mountain, you go forth and slay one after the other until finally, a Wyvern Tail drops. You are close now, and you have your final hint. You are lead to a time after Legionnaires, where wyverns are long extinct. You track down an old woman willing to sell you a Venom-stained Death Shroud, her last heirloom from a long-forgotten ancestor. This last Memory completes the story.

Leonus Wyvernbane was a Legionnaire of Raheyh who favored coating his spear with the venom of wyverns, he took great pride in hunting them. Alas, that pride would be his downfall as the hunter became the hunted. With this Lost Memory assembled you have unlocked the ability to strike with the deadly venom of a wyvern in addition to knowing a little more about the history of Eterra.

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