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In Last Epoch, you will begin your adventure as a base class which can then specialize into one of three Mastery Classes. When specializing into a certain Mastery you will be able to access new skills and augment skills from your base class!

Last Epoch Class Masteries Wheel
Knight Badge

The Sentinel grew up in the city of Solarum back, his family living within the caves under the city like the other workers. He came from a long line of smelters, devoted to manning the massive forges built around the fiery heart of the mountain and followed in their path, learning the art of smithing, helping to arm Rahyeh’s holy army above.

Not long after coming of age and being able to work alongside his mother and father in the forges, Rahyeh sent his golden armies to march upon the lands of the other gods. The Sentinel found himself conscripted into Solarum’s army, now wielding the very weapons he had been raised to create.

It was not long before the Sentinel learned the horrors of war and the injustice of Rahyeh’s conquests, and so one day in the chaos of battle he fled. Not out of fear, not out of disloyalty, but out of the desire in his heart to not be a part of this destruction. The Sentinel now finds himself at a crossroads, searching for a place that can give him meaning and a means to stop the sort of injustice he bore witness to, by whatever means possible.


Base Class – Sentinel

A righteous warrior focused on empowering and healing his allies who can take down swaths of enemies with holy fire.

What you remember the most are the stories of bravery, of courage, of the undying resolve of the light. The horrors you’ve seen on the battlefield and across time have challenged your faith in these ideals, but you refuse to waver. This faith in good has become power. Where a blow would strike you down, the light within you rises, where your allies would cower this light gives you the ability to lead, a fire that cuts through the foulest dark. The light the stories told you of is a part of you now, and you will never waver.

Void Knight Badge
Void Knight

Base Class – Sentinel

A sentinel who has taken part of the void inside themselves and uses it to devastate their foes even at the cost of his own life.

Your encounters with the Void have changed you. A piece of that darkness has taken root inside you, feeding on your sorrow, nourished by your rage. Your swings leave trails of Void that eagerly consume the essence of your foes, darkness eating them away from the inside out. This darkness inside you is growing, with every strike imbued with its power you feel more of who you were slipping away, you wonder if eventually, you’ll be any different than the creatures that stole this world’s future… and whether or not you will care.

Forge Guard

Base Class – Sentinel

A bulwark of strength and steel whose mastery of weapons, armor, and the animation of molten metal dominates the battlefield.

Skill. Strength. Steel. These are the lessons you hold in your heart, simple and true, the knowledge that above all else your training will prevail. Your strikes are surer than hope and your armour is stronger than despair. These Forge Guards know the truth of the riddle of steel and can bend it to their whim, their willpower manifesting as the animation and manipulation of weapons and armor and even the molten rage of pure steel.

Mage Badge

The art of wielding the arcane has been passed down for generations from master to apprentice for ages in the city of Welryn, a place ruled by mages known as the Elders.

The Mage was born into this station like the Elders before him and trained in the arcane arts as they were, harsh and uncompromising. The Mage let himself be sculpted and shaped until he too could sculpt with the wild energies of the arcane that suffused through existence. He once thought himself kind, more compassionate than his peers. He spared his young apprentice the severity and coldness he was subjected to, yet he learned his kindness was a weakness in truth. The Elders exiled his apprentice for her defiance. The Mage’s his skill in magic the only thing sparing him from being exiled himself.

The Mage began growing old, his refusal to foster such weakness again making him pragmatic yet cold. His guilt over the fate of his apprentice drove him to seek her out, traveling from Welryn to the lands beyond in hopes of finding her. He scoured the world for her until he heard of the conquering of Welryn by Rahyeh and the god’s holy army, its Elders ousted or taken prisoner. The Mage resolved to return to the city and free it from the conquerors.

Runemaster Badge

Base Class – Mage

A savant of the art of runes, able to infuse magic into offensive and protective wards that devastate those who trespass them.

You have tamed the power of raw arcane, weaving its chaos with the art of runes. You can recall your youth, the trouble you once had transcribing the simplest glyph, and scoff. You now carve intricate symbols into the air ensnaring your foes, raising walls and golems from nothing but your own knowledge. You have become an artisan of sorts, but your craft is that of reality itself.


Base Class – Mage

A master of the arcane who wields unprecedented power to devastate their foes from a distance

Your mastery of the arcane has attained new heights, you no longer rely on ley-lines and ancient runes to guide power through you, no, your very being has become a nexus of arcane might, a source of magic itself. Unearthly lightning erupts from your fingertips, flaming meteors rain from the heavens by your will, the very fabric of reality reshapes itself in your presence.    


Sorcerer Badge
Spellblade Badge

Base Class – Mage

A mage who has mixed martial prowess and cunning with their mastery of spells to face enemies in close range.

You have learned much in the worlds and times you’ve seen in your travels, these lessons driving you to use your magic in ways you never expected. A sword coated in flame, a shield gleaming with wards, orbs of power ready to intercept blows and erupt in retaliation. You have become clever, you have become deadly.

Rogue Badge

People want someone else to do their dirty work for them, a fact that has been true since the beginning of history and remains true even in the great city of Maj’elka. The slums of Maj’elka, despite the wealth of its nobles and artists, are still a place where those skilled in cunning and killing prosper, anyone talented in making problems disappear will find work.

The Rogue has made a living off of their skills, her knives silent and arrows true, drawing the attention of clients from all over Maj’elka’s underbelly. One job changed everything. A Nagasa woman came to her, scaled snake-like form hidden in robes, she paid the Rogue to assassinate the Vessel Maiden Apophis herself, future body for and conduit of Majasa’s power. The job would be her most dangerous yet, and the pay offered justified it.

The day finally came, the Vessel Maiden made one of her rare appearances to the public, stepping out onto the terrace of the temple at the center of the city. The Rogue saw her from her hidden position, poisoned arrow at the ready, but the sight left her taken aback. The beautiful Apophis was none other than the Nagasa woman who had approached her that night. The murder Apophis had commissioned was her own. Was it a trap? Was she set up? And if it wasn’t, what then? The Rogue stowed her bow away and immediately fled the city. She had no desire to see find out how Apophis would take her last-minute refusal of their deal.


Base Class – Rogue

An artisan of shadows, they dash in and out of the reach of their enemies, each movement another deadly cut.

Slash and dive. You make your entrance from the shadow. Turn and cut. Your movements are graceful yet unpredictable. Spin and sever. You weave through your foes, they can not touch you, a wind that leaves death in its wake. Leap and pierce. Your blade finds its target, and the next, again and again they fall, again and again you dodge their strikes and make them pay dearly for it. Dance and kill.


Base Class – Rogue

A master of the bow, adept at engaging foes from a distance and keeping them there.

It starts with one arrow. One death. The second arrow pieces through through a heart and shatters a skull behind it. Three dead. The third arrow is a favorite of yours, when it plants itself into the next fool he stops in place and so do his allies, their bodies glimmering with frost. The fourth arrow is even better, it jolts from your bow, sparks crackling in its path. The arrow shatters one body, then another, and another, racing between them, hunting its prey. A dozen dead. Still, more come, you ready your bow. You have no fear, you have enough arrows for them all.


Base Class – Rogue

A master tactician who employs deceptive traps and the aid of a fearsome bird of prey, swooping across the battlefield to gain an advantage against their enemies.

While some hunters prefer to hunt alone, others see value in having a partner, especially one as deadly as the falcon. Cut your foes down as your falcon blinds them with its vicious talons, herd them towards your traps with the aid of your falcons bladed wings, set them up for the final blow as your falcon dives down from the sky in a devastating strike.

Falconer Badge
Primalist Badge

The Primalist spent his life in service to his tribe, one of the many that dwelt in the frozen north of Heoborea. His tribe was one of the larger ones, matched only by a few other of the tribes yet they lived peacefully, never clashing with their neighbors over the position of being Heorot’s chosen. Their peacefulness would be their downfall as that made them a target for Rahyeh’s first strikes against the other gods.

The Primalist was unprepared that day, woken in the night by the fires and screams as Rahyeh’s forces descended from the sky. In the chaos, he tried to find his family but only finding ash. The call rang out from the chieftain to fall back to the center of Heoborea of where Heorot and the chosen tribe dwelled, and where all the tribes would congregate once news of the attack spread. The Primalist did not heed this call. Instead, he fled south, away from the fires, away from the death, away from his home.

He now travels towards the Temple of Eterra, in hopes of finding an understanding of how the mother goddess could allow such chaos in the world and such weakness in himself. He never saw himself as a fighter. He was but a simple medicine man who found peace in the loyalty of his animal companions, the serenity of nature, and the power of the storm. Now though, he is determined to harness his strength and unleash his fury.

Shaman Badge

Base Class – Primalist

A living storm that uses the power of tornadoes and lightning to destroy their enemies with the aid of sacred totems.

The world remembers the gentleness of rain and the soft breezes, even as it decays around you. The world remembers the winds that would rage and tear down forests, the avalanches that shatter mountainsides, the lightning that cracks the sky open and demands awe. You do not need to remember for your strikes bear this power, wild and unyielding in a world that deserves the gentle rains yet must be saved by the fury of nature. You are the storm.


Base Class – Primalist

In tune with the long dormant power of the earth, they bend the fury of nature to their will even as they take the form of ferocious creatures.

The spark of druidic magic, the connection to the natural world that formed the anchor of your being has bloomed in your travels. Where your connection to Eterra struggled before it now flourishes and grows as wild as the magic you embody. The trees bow in your wake, vines erupt from the ground at your command, spirits of nature rush to your aid. You are the avatar of the latent power of the earth, your form malleable to that power, Eterra’s bastion against all that would threaten her.

Beastmaster Badge

Base Class – Primalist

A warrior who takes command with the might of beasts, leading them by example with strength and power.

You have become the master of the wilds and the beasts that dwell within. The beasts of the land recognize you as the champion of Eterra, willing to fight at your side with tooth, claw and talon. You lead your pack with strength and pride, leading the charge with your skill and ferocity, the power of beasts infusing your body and shifting your shape to ravage your enemies. The heart of the wild beats within you, its fury leading your way.

Acolyte Badge

The Acolyte hungered for knowledge, her apprenticeship under the Elders of Welryn leaving her bored and restless. Her master was a kind man, he spared her the bellows and caning that other apprentices endured for their mistakes, but still, the Acolyte was not satisfied. She wanted to be more than these gray men and hunched women who poured over books in dusty halls. The Acolyte wanted power.

The Acolyte had always harbored an interest in the dark arts. From the tales of Lagon’s ever-living drowned servants to the folk beliefs of mysterious things that stalk the forests surrounding Welryn. Witches and vampires that fed on the souls of the living that legends tell drew upon the rotting power of a something deep under the earth, something dead and powerful.

The Acolyte still remembers it, the feeling when they first recited a chant learned from a crone she met outside the city walls. A mouse tied to the glyph sketched into the dirt. The power of its soul, no matter how meager, as it flew into her, and the sight of its tiny skeleton tearing its way from the little corpse. The Elders found her dark experiments, but she had grown clever. The Acolyte managed to escape the walls of Welryn before the justice of the Elders could reach her.

She spent years traveling the lands of Eterra, gathering knowledge and practicing her arts until one day word came to her of Welryn’s conquest. She never thought of herself as sentimental, but this turn of events intrigued her. Would the Elders who ousted her now be in chains? Would the tomes they forbid her from now be ripe for the taking? The only way to know would be to travel back to her old home, to Welryn.


Base Class – Acolyte

A commander of undeath, they send their animated thralls to battle perfectly willing to sacrifice them as they deem fit.

Your studies of the forbidden arts have proven fruitful, the knowledge the elders had sought to hide from you finally laid bare, the secrets of the dead. Flesh, bone, blood, the lingering essence left in life’s wake, these are your tools, your weapons. You are the master of a forsaken army, your dark creations swarming your foes with the hunger of  the dead, a hunger borne from your power and fed at your command.

Necromancer Badge
Warlock Badge

Base Class – Acolyte

Master of the forbidden arts, they tear into the essence of their foes, twisting and corrupting their spirits with relentless curses and hexes.

You have found a new understanding of the ancient powers, you realize now that true artistry lies not in the shaping of flesh but rather, the twisting of the soul. The body is a shadow of the light within, a fragile thing that recoils at your touch. Curses that dim that light blind the mind, hexes that chip it can shatter the body, the faintest word from your lips may bear vile enough magic to snuff that light out entirely.


Base Class – Acolyte

An acolyte who has embraced the corruptive nature of their power and uses the magic of blood and death even at the expense of their own health.

You know that your body cannot withstand this power. You know that eventually, you will end up like the rulers of the Immortal Empire, an undead. The path they took is a forbidden text that you found most fascinating, the art of drawing life from others and using it to replenish your own. Stealing blood, consuming the essence of the dead and the damned for strength, this is the power that can do more than sustain you, this power will make you invincible.

Lich Badge
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